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Akbar AhmedAmbassador Akbar S. Ahmed

IBN Khaldun Chair of Islamic Studies & Professor of International Relations School of International Service and Distinguished senior fellow of the Hasan Family Foundation

Ambassador Akbar S. Ahmed is a learned and distinguished Pakistani who is both an author and teacher. The Hasan Family Foundation considered it a great honor when the Ambassador accepted the fellowship. The fellowship was funded for a one year period to help research for completing the book "Journey Into Islam." Included in the fellowship was time spent on speaking to media and or for educational purpose about American Muslims and about the religion of Islam.

Mrs. Seeme Hasan considers Mr. Ahmed as an older brother and appreciates his time that he has put in after nine eleven to educate the media and the American citizens at large about Pakistan and Afghanistan and the Wazirisitan area and its Pathan or Pushtun population. It was her honor to introduce Mr. Ahmed to President George Bush at the White House during a Ramadan Diner. The dinner was made more memorable after Mr. Ahmed wrote a splendid article about the experience.

Mr. Ahmed is active everyday in the Washington DC area helping the various government departments on understanding the issues related to the War On Terror. He also is a great teacher and author. His energetic ventures take him all over the globe.

We could not do justice to his bio, so we welcome readers to visit Mr. Ahmed’s website and learn more about him.

We at the Hasan Family Foundation are very proud to be associated with an important book authored by him and published by the Brookings Institution.

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Journey into Islam
The Crisis of Globalization

Akbar Ahmed, Brookings Institution Press 2007 c. 323pp.

"Why?" Years after September 11, we are still looking for answers. Internationally renowned Islamic scholar Akbar Ahmed knew that this question could not be answered until Islam and the West found a way past the hatred and mistrust intensified by the war on terror and the forces of globalization. Seeking to establish dialogue and understanding between these cultures, Ahmed led a team of dedicated young Americans on a daring and unprecedented tour of the Muslim world. Journey into Islam: The Crisis of Globalization is the riveting story of their search for common ground.

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Muhammad Ali Hasan

The Hasan Family Foundation has always tried to pursue education in awarding its grants and fellowships. A major Southern Colorado Issue was and is Water. Water is also an important issue. Therefore when a family member showed interest in pursuing water issues and researching them the Foundation was delighted to get involved in the issue. Ali Hasan's water analysis led to funding a fellowship on the issue of water, land and the environment.
Ali Hasan has also volunteered countless hours to organizing, developing and managing some of the programs the Foundation has supported and funded -  Colorado Music Fest, Muslims for America, Newspapers in School, Animal shelters, Lectures on Muslim issues and Muslim Countries and their economic issues.

We are proud of the Public Service work all the family members get involved in not only in Colorado but all over USA and also Internationally.

We are especially proud of Ali Hasan because when 9/11 occurred Ali was in college. He took a great deal of time to condemn what happened. He started making public appearances, organizing vigils, appearing on media, especially television shows and BBC Radio. In his support of the War On Terror and the American soldiers he started an organization Muslims for Bush.

Ali is proud of his country the United States Of America. He is proud of his Central and South Asian heritage. He is proud of his religion as a Sufi Muslim. Of course Ali is always proud of his mother and her accomplishments and the time they both spend together planning future ventures and endeavors.

  • Colorado Water Analysis (PDF 9MB) by Muhammad Ali Hasan
    An analysis of Colorado's water usage, conducted by Muhammad Ali Hasan, under the guidance of Professor James Sadd with all work done at Occidental College. The study is contributed to the Hasan Family Foundation by Muhammad Ali Hasan.


Congressman Scott McInnis

Senior Fellow of the Hasan Family Foundation

A senior fellow postion was awarded to The Honorable Congressman Scott McInnis for a two year period, during which time he made himself available to give speeches courtesy of the foundation and conducted research regarding the water impact in Colorado.

The Hasan Family Foundation extended a Fellowship to former Congressman Scott McInnis following his departure from Congress.  This two year Fellowship, which commenced in the Fall of 2005, was intended to afford Mr. McInnis a platform to be a forceful and effective advocate for Colorado's water rights. More importantly, the Foundation intended that Mr. McInnis would use the resources made available to him to speak, write and advocate in a manner that would elevate the public awareness of the crucial water rights issues confronting Colorado.  The Foundation expressed its expectation that during the Fellowship Mr. McInnis would travel the state and would partner with media sources to inform the public about important water issues and the roles of the federal and state government legislation and regulation that so significantly impact those issues.  As with other Fellows, the specific method and manner of accomplishing the Fellowship goals were left to Mr. McInnis.  In light of recent inquiries about Mr. McInnis' work as a Foundation Fellow, the materials that he submitted to the Foundation as a result of his Fellowship are published on this website. Further inquiries and requests should be directed to Mr. McInnis.